Everybody wants their wedding to be special.
But do you dare to make it real?

I do.


Get inspired by what this journey has been.
And dare even more!


We’re not scared if

you want to marry in 3 different countries

you want to marry someone of your gender

you don’t want a white dress

you want to say “I do” in a hot air balloon

you want flowers but not a bouquet

you want to do something else instead of rings

We’ve already done that. And we’re already looking for the next challenge.

catia silva weddings alternativos casamento portugal

I’m Cátia Silva, born and raised in Entroncamento, Portugal. I graduated in Education and I’m passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. I also lived in Macau, Angola and Mozambique and, if you ask me how it all began, I’m not quite sure. Probably it was when I was a still a little girl, looking for nice decorations and unique wedding dresses in magazines. And maybe it also had to do with my constant search for the different and the non-conventional, the desire to get out-of-the-box, and to show that it’s good to turn things upside down.

I started organizing parties in Macau as an hobby and from then on the good experiences just kept coming. I organized over 100 parties of all kinds, being the most special ones my own wedding ceremonies in Portugal, Macau and Thailand. Other out of the ordinary weddings followed and now I know this is what I always dreamed of. So that others can also find what they always dreamed of, I launched an inspirational platform called Bad Bad Maria for Portuguese and foreign couples who want to have the perfect alternative wedding in Portugal. Or you can hire me. Let’s talk?



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Featured in the press...

Praça da Alegria, December 2016

É a Vida Alvim, January 2017

Macau Daily Times, November 2016


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 Photo by Once Upon a Time Your Love Stories

Photo by Once Upon a Time Your Love Stories