I’m Cátia Silva, born and raised in Entroncamento, Portugal. I graduated in Education, and for about 10 years I taught in Portugal, Macao and Angola. I’m passionate about making a difference in people’s life. However, as most people, some of my other passions were kept in a shelf, but ready to jump out of it.  If you ask me how it all began, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it started when I was a  curious girl looking for nice decorations and beautiful, astonishing and unique wedding dresses on magazines. Additionally I’m pretty sure it all began with my search of “the different or the non-conventional”, the desire to get out-of-the-box, and to show that it’s good for the world to turn upside down. The party making popped out and I followed a pathway full of good experiences. I organized over 100 parties of all kinds, being the most special ones my own wedding ceremonies in Portugal and Asia. Another unique, customized and out of the ordinary weddings followed.


About the origin of Bad Bad Maria's label

Bad Bad Mary! is a Portuguese idiomatic expression. It is used by all Portuguese, even if no one can explain exactly the source of its meaning. It is used usually to alert the kids in a very funny way when they are being naughty. This expression was chosen by Cátia, the mentor of the project Bad Bad Maria, because it’s a very Portuguese expression; also the women in her life are named "Maria” (Mary – a very common name in Portugal). The company Bad Bad Maria organizes parties, weddings and is full of amazements. Cátia gave a new meaning to this phrase and made it sweeter, smiling and surprising!


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Featured in the press...

Praça da Alegria, December 2016

É a Vida Alvim, January 2017

Macau Daily Times, November 2016


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