Shopping Shopping Shopping!!!!

Who doesn't love to go shopping?

I'm thrilled to announce and to show you how nice Bad Bad Maria Store became with all new party supplies and sample designs I did along all these years that I'm working as a Party Planner.  If you don't know me read this and see how I was inspired to start my business.

Did you know I do my own designs? Every time I put together a party I design the stationery accordingly with the party's theme and client's desire.  

I love personalized products, so if you want some of my customized design, such as a milestone board or colourfull party decors, let's go and don't act as a window shopper, since it's much funnier to get inside and shop whatever you like at our online store. After shopping, I invite you to send me an email to or fill our form with all loving details and precious informations about your event and I'll be very pleased to design your unique party decor.