Four year's old paw patrol party

The challenge of our blog today was to invite a mother to share her thoughts about a DIY party at home, based on the Paw Patrol Theme. Bad Bad Maria gave a hand on it, designing the decorations, which, by the way, are available at our store

Inspired by the design I had some other ideas of my own. That’s what a DIY party is all about.
— Sandra, mother of Sara

I'm late again

With all daily hassles coming up, from sunrise to after dawn I’m always running against time to catch up everything. In the morning, it’s not easy to take my little girl to kindergarten, I mean to take her out of home. When you think, you are ready, she remembers something which is nothing to me but a huge problem to her. Where is her baby doll? She needs it desperately. Ok, I know I’ll be late for work, again!

The above introduction is to say that time flies, but when a celebration arrives such as my little girl's birthday, I must stop and think of something to do, for her to be happy. And for all of us to have an excuse to get together and to celebrate once more life and happiness.

The party theme

The party theme was easy to choose since it was something she was always talking about: The Paw Patrol and Ryder’s puppies (some of them I already know the name!). As everyone who are facing this challenge of doing a DIY party at home, I’ve searched on internet. I found a lot of drawings and other decorations, but they were all the same colours, and I wanted something brighter.

That’s when Bad Bad Maria came in. Cátia did a great job designing a special paw patrol themed decoration in blue, red, yellow and green colours, which I loved. When I opened the pack, and organized everything, I was inspired by the design I had some other ideas of my own. That’s what a DIY party is all about. We tend to add some of our style and ideas. So, I did some head band with a badge of the only female puppie of Paw Patrol, Skye, for little girls to use and as a gift for them. I glued on the floor some paws at the entrance. And I baked some bone-shaped biscuits.

Those Paw Patrol decorations were top - specially the cake topper and those coulorful flags- although my decorating skills weren’t that good.

But, you know what?! It was a hell of a party and every guests and family enjoyed a lot. Specially my little girl!

What a PAWTASTIC party it was!